Airjet Looms Toyoda

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Product Description:
Sulzer Ruti / Toyoda Air Jet LoomsModel L.5200.B.250.N2 (TOYODA JAT.610)
2500mm weaving width
Positive Plain Crank Motion
2 Color weft insertion with Profile reed system
Single Beam Execution
Electronic Let off
On Loom Cloth Roller Take Up
Side Tuck-in Units Left and Right
Each Loom supplied with
1 Warp Beam 1000 mm dia Beam flange
2 Weft accumulators feeders
4 Heald Frames
Heald wires and Dropper Pins as fitted
1 Cloth Roller
Year 1995

 Price 1,00,00000 Taka CNF Mumbai

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